Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo Gavazzi, founded in 1932 in Milan, Italy, is an internationally active electronics group designing, manufacturing, and marketing electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of industrial automation. Key product offerings include sensors, mon

Product Listing

LED lighting components (691)
Automated industry (5,060)
Tools and consumables (5)
Engineering technology development tools (62)
Passive components (898)
Wire and cable (149)
Circuit protection (190)
Power supply (797)
Semiconductor (2,329)
Electronics (9,036)
Chassis products (28)
Optoelectronics (2,900)
Sensor (2,572)
Connector (57)
Test and measure (538)
Thermal management products (61)
Embedded solution (148)
Industrial Hall Effect/Magnetic Sensor (57)
Digital panel meter (295)
Sockets and adapters (2)
Interface module (2)
Sockets and adapters (2)

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