Infineon 650V CoolSiC ™ MOSFET Family

Further expand its silicon carbide (SiC) product portfolio with the launch of 650V devices. Its newly released CoolSiC ™ MOSFETs meet a growing number of applications including servers, telecommunications and industrial SMPS, solar systems, energy storage and battery formation, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), motor control and drive, and electric vehicle charging. Demand for power density and reliability.

"With the release of new products, Infineon has improved its silicon-based, silicon carbide and gallium nitride power semiconductor product portfolio in the 600V / 650V segment," said Infineon's high-voltage conversion business in the Power Management and Diversified Markets Division. Senior Director Steffen Metzger said, "This highlights our unique position in the market: Infineon is the only manufacturer in the market to offer a full range of power products covering materials such as silicon, silicon carbide and gallium nitride. The CoolSiC ™ series is our strong support to become the number one supplier of industrial SiC MOSFET switches. "

650 V CoolSiC ™ MOSFET devices are rated between 27 mΩ to 107 mΩ and can be used in either a typical TO-247 3-pin package or a TO-247 4-pin package with lower switching losses. Compared to all CoolSiC ™ MOSFET products released in the past, the new 650V series is based on Infineon's advanced trench semiconductor technology. By maximizing the strong physical properties of silicon carbide, it ensures that the device has excellent reliability, outstanding switching loss and conduction loss. In addition, they have the highest transconductance level (gain), 4V threshold voltage (Vth), and short-circuit robustness. All in all, trench technology can achieve the lowest loss in the application without compromise and the best reliability in operation.

Compared to other silicon-based and silicon carbide solutions on the market, 650 V CoolSiC ™ MOSFETs bring even more attractive advantages: better switching efficiency and higher reliability at higher switching frequencies. Thanks to temperature-dependent ultra-low on-resistance (RDS (on)), these devices have excellent thermal performance. In addition, they use a rugged body diode with very low reverse recovery charge: about 80% lower than the best super-junction CoolMOS ™ MOSFET. Its commutation ruggedness makes it easy to achieve 98% overall system efficiency, such as through continuous conduction mode totem pole power factor correction (PFC).

To simplify application design with 650 V CoolSiC ™ MOSFETs and ensure efficient device operation, Infineon also offers dedicated single- and dual-channel electrically isolated EiceDRIVER ™ gate driver ICs. This solution (combining CoolSiC ™ switches and dedicated gate driver ICs) helps reduce system and total cost of ownership, as well as improve energy efficiency. CoolSiC ™ MOSFETs work seamlessly with other Infineon EiceDRIVER ™ gate driver family ICs.