Celeno launches the world's first connectivity client chip that combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Doppler radar

The new product series utilize Wi-Fi 6/6E, BT/BLE 5.2, and Celeno's innovative Wi-Fi Doppler radar technology to provide connectivity and sensing solutions for IoT terminals, multimedia devices, and commercial applications

Celeno's Doppler radar technology can accurately locate people's positions, distinguish complex types of movements such as falls, gestures, and postures, and even monitor imperceptible movements such as breathing

Ra'anana, Israel May 25, 2021-Celeno Communications, a leading smart and innovative Wi-Fi solution provider, will launch its first single-chip solution for client devices that combines Wi-Fi 6/6E, BT/BLE (Bluetooth®/Bluetooth Low Energy®) 5.2 and Celeno's new Wi-Fi Doppler radar technology.

Celeno's new CL6000 "Denali" product series provides connectivity and sensing solutions for consumer multimedia devices, IoT terminals, home automation, industrial automation, and healthcare applications. These brand-new chip products use the latest Wi-Fi 6/6E standard to realize cloud connection, and support audio streaming and device activation through BT and BLE 5.2 standards, and create value through its Doppler radar function. Sensing data, and then using sensing capabilities to enhance edge artificial intelligence (AI).

The product series supports both Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E standards and has the most advanced performance. Even in the most crowded Wi-Fi deployment environment, it can provide excellent latency and strong connectivity. These technologies include high-bandwidth 160MHz channels, recently approved 6-7GHz bands, MU-OFDMA, MU-MIMO, beamforming, 1024QAM, WPA3 encryption, and target wake time (TWT) to reduce equipment more effectively Power consumption.

The CL6000 product series supports Wi-Fi connection and true simultaneous operation of Doppler radar. Doppler radar is a Wi-Fi-based high-resolution sensing technology that uses the Doppler effect and standard Wi-Fi data packets.

Doppler radar technology can use a single Wi-Fi device to track the location of a target object or perceive the presence or movement characteristics of the object, without the assistance of multiple devices or other Wi-Fi clients. The solution utilizes standard Wi-Fi and operates in the 5GHz and 6GHz frequency bands, without direct line of sight and/or relying on lighting conditions to "see-through" walls. In addition, the technology does not rely on any Wi-Fi client, any type of wearable device, and it will not infringe on privacy.


CL6020/10 chip products can provide high-speed Wi-Fi and BT/BLE connections for smart TVs and smart speakers to realize cloud connection and video sharing applications.

The CL6025 chip product can be used to add sensing functions to multimedia devices, such as identifying the presence of people near the device and even can be used to count the number of TV viewers to promote various operations and commercial applications.

CL6020/10 chip products can realize IoT functional connection in sensors and cameras, thereby promoting cloud-based security, safety, and predictive maintenance applications in smart buildings and smart factories.

In addition, by using the radar function added to the CL6025 chip product, scene positioning and even gesture recognition can be realized to support various other useful applications in buildings and homes, including personnel monitoring, elderly care, and fall detection.

Celeno CEO and founder Gilad Rozen said: "We are very pleased to bring this disruptive solution to the Wi-Fi industry. Celeno is proud of its innovative Wi-Fi solutions for home network infrastructure applications. Recognized by the industry. Our new CL6000 product series expands our product portfolio to the large Wi-Fi client market, integrating connectivity and sensing functions into smart homes, Internet of Things, and multimedia devices."

Main product categories

The product series mainly includes three types of products, which provide optimized solutions for high-performance and price-sensitive applications:

· CL6025 combinatorial connection and sensor chip-supports 2T2R (2 transmitters and 2 receivers) MIMO configuration, realizes three-frequency optional (2.4/5/6 GHz), with BT/BLE 5.2 and Wi-Fi Doppler radar.

· CL6020 connection chip-supports 2T2R (2 transmitters and 2 receivers) MIMO configuration, realizes three-frequency optional (2.4/5/6 GHz), with BT/BLE 5.2 connection.

· CL6010 connection chip-supports 1T1R (1 transmitter and 1 receiver) MIMO configuration, realizes three-frequency optional (2.4/5/6 GHz), with BLE 5.2 connection.

The "Denali" CL6000 product series also has the following main features:

The maximum data throughput is 2.4Gbps

Built-in RF front end

Host interface: PCIe-2 / USB3 / USB2 / UART

Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP)

The CL6000 product series will begin to provide users with samples in the first quarter of 2022.

About Celeno

Celeno provides advanced Wi-Fi chipsets and edge software to apply smart and innovative Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Doppler imaging technology to high-performance home networks, smart buildings, enterprise, and industrial solutions. Celeno's field-proven chip and software technologies have been successfully integrated into much original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Wi-Fi devices and deployed in tens of millions of homes worldwide. Celeno is headquartered in Raanana, Israel, and has offices around the world.