TMP464 is a 5-channel (4 remote and 1 local) high precision remote and local temperature sensor

The TMP464 device is a high precision, ADS1286UB low power temperature sensor C compatible interface using a two-wire, SMBus or I 2 . In addition to local temperature, up to four remote diode-connected temperature zones can be monitored simultaneously. Ag

DRV8212P is a 12V, 3A H-Bridge Motor Driver with PWM Control and Low Power Sleep Mode

DRV8212P product parameters, documentation information, DRV8212P is an integrated motor driver with four N-channel power FETs, AP6503SP-13 charge pump regulator and protection circuit. The triple charge pump architecture allows the device to operate down

The ISO6760 is a general-purpose, 50-Mbps, six-channel (6/0) digital isolator

The ISO6760devices are high-performance, six-channel digital isolators ideal for cost-sensitive applications, requiring up to 5000 V RMS isolation ratings per UL 1577. These devices are also VDE, TUV, CSA and CQC certified.ISO6760 devices offer high elect

The AFE031 is a 1500mA, integrated Power Line Communication (PLC) analog front end for driving low impedance lines

The AFE031 is a low-cost, integrated power line communication (PLC) analog front end (AFE) device capable of capacitive or transformer coupled connections to power lines under the control of a DSP or AON7200 microcontroller. It is ideal for driving low im

The LDC3114 is a 4-channel inductance-to-digital converter for low-power proximity and touch button sensing

The LDC3114 is an inductive sensing device that measures small deflections of conductive targets using coils that can be implemented on a small printed circuit board (PCB) located on the back, enabling human-machine interface (HMI) detection on a variety

The VCA2617 is a dual channel variable gain amplifier in a smaller package

The VCA2617 is a dual-channel, continuously variable, APT10045JLL voltage-controlled gain amplifier ideal for a variety of ultrasound systems and applications in proximity detectors and test equipment. The VCA2617 uses a true variable gain amplifier archi

INA209 is a 26V, 12-bit, i2c output current/voltage/power monitor with analog comparator

The INA209 is a high-side current shunt and power monitor with an I 2 C interface. The INA209 monitors the shunt drop and the shunt bus voltage. Programmable calibration values ​​combined with an internal multiplier allow direct amperage readings. An addi

The TPL0102-EP is a 256-tap dual-channel digital potentiometer (digipot) with non-volatile memory

The TPL0102-EP is an ADM809TAKS-REEL7 dual-channel linear tapered digital potentiometer with 256 wiper positions. Each potentiometer can be used as a three-terminal potentiometer or a two-terminal rheostat. The end-to-end resistance of the TPL0102-EPis 10

The LM5143 is a 3.5V to 65V Low IQ, Dual Output, Stackable Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Controller

The LM5143 is a 65V DC/DC synchronous buck controller for high current single or dual outputs. Derived from a family of wide V IN range controllers, the device features an interleaved, stackable, peak current mode control architecture for easy loop compen

The TAS5756M is a 30W Stereo, 40W Mono, 4.5 to 26.4V Power Supply, Digital Input Class-D Audio Amplifier

The TAS5756M device is a high-performance AOTF12N60 stereo closed-loop amplifier with an integrated audio processor and architecture. To convert from digital to analog, the device uses a high-performance DAC with Burr-Brown mixed-signal heritage. It requi

The TPS55289 is a 30V, 8A Buck-Boost Converter with I2C Interface

The TPS55289 is an AOT10N60 synchronous buck-boost converter optimized for converting battery voltage or adapter voltage to power rails. The TPS55289integrates four MOSFET switches to provide a compact solution for USB Power Delivery (USB PD) applications

The ISOW7821 is a dual-channel, 1/1, reinforced digital isolator with integrated power supply

The ISOW7821 device is a high-performance, dual-channel reinforced digital isolator with an integrated AD5172BRM100 high-efficiency power converter. The integrated DC-DC converter provides up to 650 mW of isolated power with high efficiency and is configu

The OP470 is a very low noise quad operational amplifier

feature• Very low noise, 5 nV/[email protected] kHz• Good input bias voltage, 0.4mV max• Low offset voltage drift, 2 μV/°C max• Very high gain, min. 1000 V/mV• Excellent CMR, 110 dB minimum• Slew rate, 2V/μs typical• Gain-b

The OPA2836 is a dual, very low power, rail-to-rail output, negative rail input, VFB operational amplifier

The OPA836 and OPA2836 devices (OPA836) are single- and dual-channel, ultra-low power, rail-to-rail output, negative rail input, voltage feedback (VFB) operational amplifiers designed to operate within the supply range of 2.5 V from a single supply to 5.5

The TPS61379-Q1 is a 25μA quiescent current synchronous boost converter

The TPS61379-Q1 is a fully integrated ADS7805PB synchronous boost converter with integrated load disconnect. The input voltage range is 2.3 V to 14 V, while the maximum output voltage is up to 18.5 V. Switch current is limited to 2 A (typ). It consumes 25

TXU0204 is a four-channel unidirectional level shifter

The TXU0204 is a 4-bit, AD7890BR-4 dual-supply, non-inverting, fixed-direction voltage level translation device. The Ax pin is referenced to the V CCA logic level, the OE pin can be referenced to the V CCA or V CCB logic level, and the Bx pin is reference

PCM1820-Q1 is an automotive, stereo, 113dB, 192kHz, hardware controlled audio analog-to-digital converter

The PCM1820-Q1 is a high-performance Burr-Brown® audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that supports simultaneous sampling of up to two analog channels. The device supports differential line and microphone inputs with 2-VRMS full-scale signals. The

The DAC81402 is a dual 16-bit high voltage output DAC with an accurate internal reference

The 16-bit DAC81402 and 12-bit DAC61402 (DAC61402 ) are pin-compatible, dual-channel, buffered, high-voltage output, digital-to-analog converters (DACs). These devices include a low-drift, 2.5-volt internal reference, eliminating the need for an external

The SM73302 is an 88 MHz, precision, low noise, 1.8V CMOS input, decompensated operational amplifier

The SM73302 low noise, CMOS input op amp provides a low input voltage noise density of 5.8 nV/√Hz while consuming only 1.15 mA of quiescent current. The gain of the SM73302 is stabilized at a factor of 10, and the gain-bandwidth (GBW) product is 88

Smaller FPGAs mean less power

The parts are the MPF050T FPGA and MPFS025T SoC, both available in 11 x 11mm packaging.We have reduced power consumption by up to 50% or more with the introduction of lower density offerings, while maintaining capabilities on these platforms, said Microch

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