Discussion on Design Scheme of LED Switching Power Supply System for PCB Board

The development speed of LED switching power supplies has made a significant leap in recent years, and the speed of new product replacement has also accelerated. As the last design step, PCB design is also very important, because once there is a problem i

PCB process requirements and notes

In the PCB copy board, PCB design, and finally the mass production of PCB, PCB board is also a very important thing, which not only involves the quality standards of PCB circuit board, but also affects the cost of PCB production.How to save the raw materi

How to avoid distortion when designing high frequency PCB layout

In fact, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are made of electrically linear materials, ie their impedance should be constant. So why does the PCB introduce nonlinearity into the signal? The answer is that the PCB layout is space-non-linear relative to where th

Analysis of various electrostatic shielding techniques in electromagnetic fields

The shielding of electric fields, magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields is actually different!The shielding problem of magnetic field is a problem with practical significance and theoretical significance. According to different conditions, the shield

Analysis of the basic concepts of EMC simulation design

As product complexity and density increase and design cycles continue to shrink, it becomes increasingly impractical to address electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues later in the design cycle. At higher frequencies, the rules of thumb that you usuall

Introduction to the characteristics of five common sensors

Sensors are like the "five features" of equipment. They are the "must have" devices for human-machine communication. Sensors are generally composed of four components: sensitive components, conversion components, conversion circuits and auxiliary power su

Introduction to assembly technology of electronic component circuit boards

Electronic components are the cells of electronic information devices, and board-level circuit assembly technology is the basis for manufacturing electronic devices. The emergence of different types of electronic components has always led to a revolution

How to solve mutual interference problems in high speed PCB design

At present, most hardware engineers only design PCBs based on experience. During the debugging process, many signal lines or chip pins that need to be observed are buried in the middle layer of the PCB, and cannot be detected by tools such as an oscillosc

Design and Implementation of Interface Circuit Based on VXI Bus

With the development of modern wireless communication systems, communication systems such as mobile communication, radar, and satellite communication have higher requirements on the switching speed, power capacity, and integration of the transceiver switc

Analysis of the working principle of servo pressure sensor

Servo pressure sensors are generally large and are generally not suitable for dynamic pressure measurement or physical hostile environments, but are well suited for high precision and high resolution pressure measurements in a more benign physical environ

Basic knowledge of embedded development, how much do you know?

Linux supports a variety of file system types, commonly used in embedded development: ROMFS, JFFS2, NFS, CRAMFS, YAFFS, UBIFS.JFFS file systemThe JFFS file system was originally developed by Axis Communications of Sweden based on the Linux 2.0 kernel for

How to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of mobile phones

1. Electrostatic discharge immunity test1.1, electrostatic discharge immunity test common problemsThe problems in the electrostatic discharge immunity test are mainly reflected in the following aspects:(1) The mobile phone call is interrupted.(2) Electros

What are the benefits of the soft and hard combination design of printed circuit board PCB?

This is an ever-changing era. In addition to creativity and design capabilities, today's designers face many limitations, and they need to face more and more complex designs—a series of peripherals connected via IO. Moreover, today's designs

How can I make the sensor simpler?

Sensors spread over the surface of the Earth and the surrounding space to provide data to the world. These cheap sensors are one of the driving forces behind the Internet of Things and the digital revolution that our society is now facing. However, connec

Summary of experience in PCB board production process

Speaking of PCB boards, many friends will think that it can be seen everywhere around us. From all household appliances, various accessories in computers, to various digital products, as long as electronic products almost always use PCB boards, then what

Matters needing attention in PCB layout

PCB layout is very important in the entire pcb design, how to make fast and efficient wiring, and make your PCB layout look tall, it is worth studying and studying. Organize the 7 aspects that need to be paid attention to in the PCB layout. Come and check

Principle analysis of piezoresistive pressure sensor

Pressure sensors are one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice and are often used as a front-end component for automated control, so they are widely used in a variety of industrial automation environments, including petrochemicals, pape

Introduction to some principles of switching power supply PCB printed circuit board wiring

I. IntroductionSwitching power supply is a voltage conversion circuit. The main work is boost and step-down, which are widely used in modern products. Because the switching transistor always works in the "on" and "off" states, it is called the switching p

Where is the explosion point of FPGA in the cloud data center?

Where is the explosion point of FPGAs in the cloud data center? Bao Chaowei said that Xilinx and Altera have already implemented the first step in the data center accelerator card. He is more optimistic about the layout of Xilinx in this field, and believ

How to use a combined sensor based on the application environment

Sensors that perform multiple functions—such as pressure sensors that provide temperature output or sensors that monitor both temperature and relative humidity—can provide many benefits to designers in a variety of industries. Among them, medi

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