Experience sharing of PCB circuit board design

Designing a circuit as an electronic engineer is a necessary hard work, but the principle design is perfect. If the circuit board design is not reasonable, the performance will be greatly reduced, and in severe cases, it may not even work properly. Based

Application characteristics of photoelectric sensors

The photoelectric sensor is widely used and developed rapidly, mainly because it has the following characteristics:Long detection distanceIf the detection distance of more than 10m is maintained in the through-beam type, it can achieve detection that cann

Where can a thermally conductive gas sensor be used?

In today's world, hydrogen energy is recognized as a clean energy source and is becoming a low-carbon and zero-carbon energy source. In modern industrial production, especially in the automated production process, various sensors are used to monitor a

Analysis of several mainstream LED driving methods

LEDs are sensitive semiconductor devices with negative temperature characteristics, so they need to be stable and protected in the application process, which leads to the concept of driving. The requirements of LED devices for driving power are almost har

How to design electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference for PCB circuits

1.General concepts of electromagnetic compatibilityThe root cause to consider is the presence of electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is the process by which destructive electromagnetic energy is transmitted from one electronic

How to ensure the timing of the system through line length matching in PCB layout design

Wiring plays an important role in the design. The key to successful design is to ensure that the system has sufficient timing margin. To ensure the timing of the system, line length matching is another important link. Let's review, the basic principle

What should be paid attention to when designing the PCB board of a high-speed DSP system

The high-speed DSP system PCB board design first needs to consider the power supply design issue. In power supply design, the following methods are usually used to solve the problem of signal integrity.Consider power and ground decouplingWith the increase

What are the advantages of using differential signal line wiring in circuit boards?

Differential signal pairs that are very close to each other will also be closely coupled to each other. This mutual coupling will reduce EMI emissions. The main disadvantage of differential signal lines is that it increases the area of the PCB. This artic

Image sensor chip market demand is booming

Terushi Shimizu, head of Sony's semiconductor division, said the Japanese company will operate its chip factory during the holiday season for the second consecutive year in an effort to meet demand for sensors used in cell phone cameras. The electroni

How to solve the electromagnetic radiation problem of PCB circuit board

EMI focuses on the radiation of electromagnetic energy, including the interference of external electromagnetic environment on its own system, and the interference of its own radiated electromagnetic energy on external systems. None of these interferences

How light curtain sensors work

The optoelectronic safety device emits infrared rays to generate a protective light curtain. When the light curtain is blocked, the device sends out light-shielding signals to control potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working to avoid saf

Where there is a capacitor, there is an inductor.

When it comes to choosing the best components for a given application, it can be said that capacitors are more concerned than other types of passive components. However, there is usually an inductor where there is a capacitor. The reason is that in order

Analysis of EMC design and EMC problem improvement methods

This article will analyze three major laws of EMC design: EMC cost-effect ratio relationship; the larger the high-frequency current loop area S, the more serious the EMI radiation; the higher the loop current frequency f, the more serious the EMI radiatio

How should we choose sensors

Modern sensors vary widely in principle and structure. How to properly select sensors based on the specific measurement purpose, measurement object, and measurement environment is the first problem to be solved when measuring a certain quantity. After the

Common problems and solutions in wireless sensors

This article describes the five common problems of wireless sensors in detail, and proposes corresponding solutions for reference.1. After the wireless sensor is installed, the display may be displayed in batches or inaccurately.Reason: There is electroma

Introduction to five common output sensors

(1) ResistiveThis type of sensor converts the measured value into a change in resistance through a sensitive element. For example, platinum resistance and copper resistance temperature sensors convert the measured temperature into changes in resistance va

TSMC's 5nm process has been completed

In the global foundry market, no company can surpass TSMC. Their 16 / 12nm orders remain high, 7nm and improved 7nm EUV processes are in full swing, and the next generation of 5nm processes are progressing very smoothly. The rate is better than the initia

Analysis of the working principle of linear accelerometer

An acceleration sensor is an electronic device that can measure acceleration forces. Acceleration force is the force that acts on an object during acceleration, just like the gravity of the earth, which is gravity. The acceleration force can be a constant

Analysis of various types and principles of PNP and NPN sensors

PNP and NPN sensors are actually switching sensors that use the saturation and cutoff of the triode and output two states. But the output signals are completely opposite, ie high and low. The PNP output is high level 1 and the NPN output is low level 0.PN

New multi-wavelength infrared sensor and its application characteristics analysis

According to sources, a research group of the International Center for Materials Nanostructures (WPI-MANA) under the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) invented a new multi-wavelength infrared sensor capable of detecting thermal radiation at s

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