TE Connectivity new Sliver straddle-mount connector

TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in high-speed computing and networking innovation solutions, announces the launch of the new Sliver straddle-mount connector, which features a new form factor and supports OCP NIC 3.0 pluggable design. This launch of the straddle-mount connector for the compact OCP NIC 3.0 card makes it easier to maintain the system and improve heat dissipation, further extending the diversity of the Sliver product line.

The SFF-TA-1002 compliant Sliver straddle-mount connector supports PCIe Gen 5 and can be extended to 112G PAM-4 and is considered a replacement for many specifications such as M.2, U.2 and PCIe. Unlike the existing products on the market, which have almost reached the limit of the number of PCIe standard channels, the Sliver straddle-mount connector uses a high-density design of 0.6mm pitch to meet the channel number requirements of the next-generation silicon intellectual PCIe standard.

TE's new Sliver straddle-mount connector features a horizontally designed OCP NIC 3.0 slot that allows air to circulate and simplify the system in confined spaces. It is the most efficient and cost effective of all OCP NIC 3.0 products on the market. The highest solution.

Tyco Electronics Product Manager Ann Ou said that OCP design is making a whirlwind in the data center equipment industry, and TE is a major supplier of connector solutions for such designs. Our Sliver straddle-mount connectors provide greater performance and channel density under a compliant form factor, providing advanced assistance to data center equipment partners in service design and manufacturing.