Molex Introduces Micro-Latch 2.00 mm Wire-to-Board Connector

This new system is designed for applications requiring high current ratings in confined spaces in harsh environments.

Molex announces the Micro-Latch 2.00 mm wire-to-board connector system for customers in the industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets. The connector system is ideal for compact applications where high temperature design is required, while still meeting the requirements of various standards while still providing excellent reliability. The unique features allow the connector system to have better terminal retention, enhanced robustness and excellent pairing.

The Micro-Latch 2.00 mm wire-to-board connector system provides 2 to 15 single-row plug-in circuits with vertical and horizontal configurations, through-hole terminals, 2.00 mm pitch low profile connectors, RoHS compliant and It has high temperature resistance and is used in crimp terminals and cables that are widely sold in the market. The fasteners are provided with terminal pins. The system is also equipped with a friction lock and an anti-missing function – similar to removing the housing wall on one side to help avoid erroneous insertion.

Mariko Okamoto, global product manager at Molex, said: "The reliability of a product is the most important factor in determining the quality and benefits of a product/technology. After using Molex's Micro-Latch connector, customers can rely on reliability. As a unique selling point for their products."

Compared to similar connector systems on the market today, the Micro-Latch 2.00 mm wire-to-board connector system offers less depth and height, higher endurance in the high temperature range, higher voltage rating, and cable size. smaller.