Maxim releases next-generation SIMO power management IC

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announced the launch of the MAX77654 single-inductor multi-output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC), which helps consumer product developers reduce solution size by 50% and battery life by 20%. This next-generation SIMO PMIC uses only a single inductor to provide three outputs with an efficiency of up to 91%, which is 16% higher than traditional four-chip systems. As the size of the solution is greatly reduced, compared with traditional power solutions, system designers can integrate more functions in wearable, ear-worn and other small-sized consumer products. The MAX77654 is based on Maxim Integrated's highly reliable SIMO PMIC patented technology.

For compact consumer products, while pursuing a smaller solution size, designers must also consider extending battery life (or reducing battery capacity) and reducing heat and noise. The MAX77654 SIMO PMIC uses a single converter and single inductor architecture to replace the three buck-boost converters and three inductors, helping system designers overcome space-constrained challenges. The device also replaces two LDO / load switches, a battery charger, and additional passive devices, reducing the solution size by 50%. The working efficiency of the MAX77654 can reach 91%, and the battery life can be extended by 20%, greatly improving the end user experience. The device's shutdown current is less than 500nA, and the 5-way regulator consumes only 6µA of supply current, allowing designers to add more features to ultra-low-power consumer products. Compared to the single-inductor system power solution, the MAX77654 has lower heat generation and can reduce the temperature of the system circuit board by more than 20 ° C. In addition, SIMO PMIC also provides very small output voltage ripple (less than 20mVp-p), suitable for noise-sensitive power supply design.

Main advantage

· Small solution size: The solution size of the highly integrated, three-output boost / buck converter is only 19mm2, which is 50% less than traditional discrete solutions. The device includes SIMO PMIC, 9 capacitors and 1 inductor.

· Longer battery life: working efficiency up to 91%, 500nA shutdown current and 6µA power supply current, battery life is extended by 20% compared to discrete solutions, and heat generation is reduced by 7 times.

High-efficiency solution: Compared with discrete solutions, the number of components is reduced by 40% and BOM cost is reduced by 23%.


"Size and power always restrict the system design of next-generation IoT consumer products. It is difficult for engineers to integrate all high-performance features into small-size products." Kevin Anderson, senior analyst of power semiconductors at Omdia, said: "Maxim Integrated The SIMO PMIC design provides engineers with powerful flexibility to reduce the size of the solution and extend battery life while adding new features. "

"MAX77654, as a breakthrough SIMO PMIC launched by Maxim Integrated, provides the smallest solution size while achieving the highest efficiency." Karthi Gopalan, director of the Maxim Integrated Mobile Products Division, said: "The board space released by the MAX77654 SIMO PMIC is available To embed value-added modules, such as voice control, payment, GPS receiver, biometrics, gesture control, 3D recognition, and camera, etc. "

Supply and price

The price of MAX77654 is US $ 2.00 (from 1,000 pieces, FOB US), which can be purchased through Maxim Integrated official website and authorized dealers

· Provide MAX77654EVKIT # evaluation kit, the price is 105 US dollars.