Maxim Releases MAX17301/11

The MAX17301/11 IC is the first fuel gauge solution to offer two levels of protection for a single-cell Li+ battery, providing flexibility and eliminates counterfeiting and cloning.

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces the MAX17301/11 fuel gauge with integrated battery protector to provide designers with the highest level of security. The MAX17301 and MAX17311 are the latest additions to the fuel gauge portfolio, which is used on the battery pack side to provide the industry's most flexible battery safety configuration and fine-tune voltage and current thresholds for different temperature ranges. These ICs use Maxim's first two-level protection architecture to ensure system security in the event of a primary protection failure. In the event of a serious fault, a secondary protection circuit or a blown fuse will be activated to permanently shut down the battery. All ICs in the series are equipped with Maxim's patented ModelGauge m5 EZ algorithm, which provides the highest accuracy state of the art (SOC) indication with an accuracy of 40% higher than competing products without the need for characterization of the battery. In addition, these fuel gauges offer the industry's lowest quiescent current (IQ) – 80% lower than the nearest competitor. At the same time, the device also provides SHA-256 security certification to prevent the danger of counterfeit batteries.

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Maxim battery fuel gauge IC technical details: Utm_source=PR-Newswire&utm_medium=press-rels&utm_content=BattFG-LP&utm_campaign=FY20_Q1_2019_AUG_Mobile-BM_AMER_FG173_EN

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Traditional battery protectors monitor voltage and current, and some products include temperature monitoring. Since there is no reference battery state (SOC) when triggering an undervoltage shutdown, the system is susceptible to unexpected failures. Currently, there is a lack of a solution for refining the voltage and current thresholds in different temperature environments. With the increasing popularity of battery-powered applications, electronic devices require a simple, compact solution to protect the battery from unsafe charging conditions and prevent damage from overvoltage, short-circuit, over-temperature/under-temperature conditions. battery. In addition, system and battery designers are constantly challenging the limits of capacity-constrained batteries to ensure maximum uptime without damaging the battery. At present, there are few highly configurable and easy-to-implement solutions on the market; in addition, designers are looking for a system protection solution that can only use genuine batteries, so as to avoid accidental shutdown or failure of the system caused by counterfeit batteries with safety hazards. .

The MAX17301 and MAX17311 fuel gauges integrate the industry's best-performing protectors for the most flexible battery safety configuration. The latest IC is the only single-cell fuel gauge on the market that offers two levels of Li+ protection, providing additional safety protection in the event of a primary protection failure. Two small form factor ICs are the newest addition to the Maxim fuel gauge product line, and integrated integrated protection features help system manufacturers pass the latest product safety standards such as IEC 62368-1/UL 62368-1. All ICs in the series offer Maxim's unique low-battery state protector, which replaces the simple low-voltage threshold detection scheme to avoid tripping of the battery voltage caused by pulse load. Like the rest of the family, these devices offer the industry's highest SOC accuracy and eliminate the need to send batteries to the lab for characterization, saving weeks of development time. In addition, the series also offers the lowest IQ in the market, effectively extending the battery life of small-sized electronic products.

Main advantage

Advanced battery protection technology: Controls abnormal voltage, current and temperature faults with a two-stage Li+ battery protector to ensure safe charging and discharging of batteries in a variety of applications. With the SHA-256 security authentication algorithm, it eliminates counterfeiting and cloning and provides a unique dynamic key for each battery.

• Highest accuracy: Provides the industry's best SOC accuracy without the need for characterization of the battery. The Cycle+ Battery Aging Prediction feature provides easy-to-understand battery life predictions, planning battery replacement in advance or controlling fast charging. The battery life log keeps a history of the operating conditions of the battery over its lifetime.

• Minimum quiescent current: Supports long product life and run time: 24μA for quiescent IQ in wake mode, 18μA for FET startup current and 7μA for FET shutdown in low power mode.


· "In 2018, the market for battery monitoring and security products has exceeded $2 billion," said Kevin Anderson, senior analyst at IHS Markit Power IC. "For battery-powered products, safety is undoubtedly the most critical to its continued growth." factor."

"For battery system engineers, battery reliability and safety are top priorities in design." Bakul Damle, Director of Business Management, Maxim Integrated Mobile Power Division, said: "Maxim not only provides the most advanced security protection on the market. The solution also integrates the lowest quiescent current and the highest precision fuel gauge on the market to easily address the above design challenges."

Supply and price

· The ModelGauge m5 EZ Fuel Gauge IC product line is priced at $1.14 (1,000 sheets, FOB USA)

· All evaluation kits for this series are priced at $60