Cirrus Logic Releases Smart Boost Audio Amplifier for a great listening experience

Whether listening to music, watching videos or playing games, Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ: CRUS)'s new Smart Boost Audio Amplifier delivers a great listening experience. The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Boost Audio Amplifier is designed to accommodate the trend of stereo audio in smartphones and portable devices. The device uses advanced power management to improve audio clarity and loudness, and is half the size of other mainstream DSP smart amplifiers. By addressing the complex mechanical issues of stereo mobile audio design itself, Cirrus Logic enables OEMs of smartphones and battery-powered portable devices to not only improve the listening experience for mono and stereo applications, but also extend battery life.

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 is an 11-volt Boost Class D audio amplifier with a signal processor (DSP) that complements Cirrus Logic's SoundClear® playback software to improve audio quality and increase speaker output loudness in smartphones, using hardware and software technology Protect the speakers. The device's advanced battery management system and predictive algorithm program adapts to changing audio, speaker and battery conditions while maintaining audio performance while minimizing power consumption and battery current. The new smart power amplifier also features the most advanced technology in this class of amplifiers, the 55nm process technology, which enables a 5.64mm2 space-saving WLCS package. This is very important for OEMs who are looking for a dual-speaker design and as many new features as possible.

According to the data of the SAR audio signal chain IC prediction database in the fourth quarter of 2018, with the increase in the number of audio playback equipment and the number of frequency bands per device, the shipment of the audio amplifier market in 2018 has increased to 2010. 3 times. "The growth in amplifier shipments in the smartphone market is related to the growth of the high-end and mid-range handset markets, which range in price from $200 to $500," said Peter Cooney, principal analyst at SAR Insight. We expect this growth to continue further, and by 2022, the number of amplifiers installed in mid-range handsets will increase from 500 million in 2017 to 700 million."

“More and more consumers are using smartphones as the primary device for watching videos, playing games and listening to music. Regardless of the handset mode or the speaker mode,” said Carl Alberty, vice president of marketing at Cirrus Logic. “The quality of the phone with the CS35L41 is outstanding. Consumers don't need a portable speaker, just carry your phone with you and enjoy the perfect sound anytime, anywhere."

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 boost amplifier offers "three major requirements" for mobile applications: enhanced audio sound, efficient low-cost management and space-saving packaging. By leveraging advanced battery management and predictive algorithms, Cirrus Logic Smart Audio Amplifiers increase volume in speaker mode while reducing noise and power consumption for extended battery life and reduced talk time.

High sound quality, low power consumption, small size

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 11 Volt Smart Boost Class D audio amplifier with signal processor (DSP) delivers high quality audio in a small, low power package. Its design features include:

Amplifier Performance – At the heart of the Cirrus Logic CS35L41 is a 5.3-watt digital input mono Class D amplifier that is the lowest noise and power in its class. The integrated Class H 11-volt DC-DC boost converter boosts supply voltage and maintains higher efficiency than the Class G boost supply commonly used in other smart amplifiers. By adaptively tracking audio levels, Class-H boost converters help increase system efficiency, minimize power consumption, and extend battery life.

Audio Enhancement - Cirrus Logic's SoundClear playback fine-tunes the CS35L41 to the specific micro-speaker used in mobile systems. Enhanced equalizer, compressor and psychoacoustic algorithms improve sound clarity and loudness. The Playback filter guarantees the speaker's unique frequency response while eliminating pre-ringing in traditional linear phase filters. This enables audio engineers to take advantage of small speakers to improve the gaming and video streaming audio experience for mobile device users.

Battery Management - In addition to Class H boost and 6.7 milliwatts (mW) of ultra-low quiescent current, the Cirrus Logic CS35L41 also uses an advanced battery management system to extend battery life. By pre-managing the need for batteries, the amplifier maintains maximum loudness and audio quality while protecting the battery by minimizing battery current consumption, preventing shutdowns due to uncontrolled low voltages.

Product acquisition

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Boost Audio Amplifier is currently in volume production. The company also offers debugging tools that not only help top smartphone and portable device OEMs deliver higher quality mono and stereo audio, but also enable medium and low cost design. For more information on the Cirrus Logic CS35L41 11 Volt Boost Class D Audio Amplifier, please visit

Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Boost Amplifier

Cirrus Logic发布智能升压音频放大器 可提供绝佳听觉体验

#1 Stereo Enjoy / Female in the Patio:

Cirrus Logic's intelligent audio power amplifier technology delivers greater sound clarity and loudness, allowing them to use their smartphones as their primary listening device, listening to music anytime, anywhere in speaker mode.

Cirrus Logic发布智能升压音频放大器 可提供绝佳听觉体验

#2 Game:

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Boost Power Amplifier dramatically enhances the mobile gaming experience with stereo sound quality and volume, eliminating the need for battery life.

Cirrus Logic发布智能升压音频放大器 可提供绝佳听觉体验

#3 Class H booster power supply extends battery life:

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Power Amplifier has a Class H 11 volt DC/DC boost converter that is more efficient than the Class G boost converter commonly used in other smart amplifiers. Class H boost converters automatically adapt to tracking audio levels to increase system efficiency, reduce power consumption, and extend battery life.

Cirrus Logic发布智能升压音频放大器 可提供绝佳听觉体验

#4 Forecast Battery Management:

The Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Power Amplifier uses leading-edge battery management and prediction algorithms to maintain maximum volume and sound quality while protecting the battery and minimizing battery current consumption. This technology extends battery life and talk time for mobile stereo applications.