TWK launches series of angle sensors that allow rotation

The tilt sensor series has now been expanded with a special device. With this new design, it is possible to measure the current attitude, that is, the angle of inclination or position (360 °), and at the same time accurately measure the speed in rotating applications.

NBN66-Stragpress ODVA

The sensor does not have to be placed in the center of the rotating shaft when it is installed in the rotating part. And, the sensors for position (accelerometer) and speed (gyro) are based on MEMS. The sensor is optimized for irreversible operation and transmits values to the control system via CANopen or PROFINET (including PROFIsafe-PLd). The direction of rotation, zero point, and distance from the axis of rotation can be parameterized. Special versions can even automatically detect the distance from the axis of rotation. In principle, this function corresponds to an encoder that detects position and speed. The special filtering measurement largely suppresses the acceleration interference. Due to the simple installation, the operation of large, mainly slow-rotating rotors can be monitored, with integrated control systems or slip rings. No complicated shaft connection is required.

NBN66-Stragpress ODVB

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