Save valuable resources with Trinamic TMC5160-EVAL-SHIELD

Trinamic has introduced a new evaluation board TMC5160-EVAL-SHIELD for a new high current stepper motor driver / control chip TMC5160. SHIELD has the same interface as the affordable STM32 Nucleo board on the market for direct compatibility.

TRINAMIC Motion Control, a leading developer of motor and motion control technology, announced the launch of the TMC5160-EVAL-SHIELD, extending its range of rapid prototyping development boards to Nucleo boards and Arduinos. Popular with Chinese engineers, these two evaluation versions combine Trinamic's leading motor and motion control with the familiar Nucleo environment.

Choosing the TMC5160 was an obvious result, as it combines Trinamic's signature technology with a wide motor supply range of 8 ... 60V DC and coil currents of up to 20A using external MOSFETs. Each TMC5160-EVAL-SHIELD is equipped with MOSFETs for 9 ... 36V and 2.8A RMS stepper motors, providing users with a plug and play solution.

The "modular" Landungsbrücke "evaluation system is designed for the evaluation and rapid prototyping of motor control applications. Jonas Proeger, Marketing Director at Trinamic explained:" This concept has been very successful. "The new evaluation version series is only aimed at the Chinese market. We have responded to the popularity of ST-Nucleo development boards and provided a rapid prototyping platform for cutting-edge motor control.

The cDriver ™ chip as an integrated solution is a motion controller and driver in a single package that converts digital information into perfect physical motion. TMC5160 has a complex slope generation function for automatic target positioning, which can reduce the real-time calculation load of the processor, while providing comprehensive protection and diagnostic functions.

The TMC5160-EVAL-SHIELD is now available on Nucleo boards and is ideal for evaluating highly integrated and energy-efficient chips and reducing design cycles.

Features and benefits

-Compatible with STM32 Nucleo

-9 ... 36V and 2.8A RMS with 3.1A peak current

-Motion controller with SixPoint ™ ramp

-Step / Direction Interface and Microstep Interpolation MicroPlyer ™

-SPI and single-wire UART

-Encoder interface and 2 reference switch inputs

-Maximum resolution of 256 microsteps per full step

-StealthChop2 ™ for quiet operation and smooth movement

-SpreadCycle ™ High Dynamic Motor Controlled Chopper

-DcStep ™ speed control depending on load

-StallGuard2 ™ High Precision Sensorless Motor Load Detection

-CoolStep ™ current control saves up to 75% of energy

-Passive braking and freewheeling modes

-Comprehensive protection and diagnosis