PSA and SoundHound work together

In recent years, the models that carry voice interaction technology through the field of artificial intelligence have performed well in sales, especially the value of AI voice interaction is gradually coming out of the narrow understanding of the simple "control mode", and to the "big connection" in the eyes of the industry. "The stage transition.

Then, as one of the connected core hardware, the battle for the car voice interactive platform has also officially entered a white-hot battle. The forces of various parties have frequently made moves, and the global market is surging. Recently, the artificial intelligence (AI) and session intelligence technology supporting voice function are leading innovation. SoundHound announced a partnership with PSA Group (Groupe PSA), one of Europe's largest automakers, to develop a cloud-based embedded session voice interface for PSA Group Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel and Vauxhall And other brand cars. Supported by SoundHound's Houndify voice artificial intelligence platform, the in-vehicle voice interface will be available in Europe starting in 2020.

According to insiders, supported by SoundHound's Houndify voice artificial intelligence platform, the integrated Houndify voice artificial intelligence platform allows the driver to perform many tasks simply by speaking. Of course, these include finding nearby restaurants and businesses, and adjusting the car. Internal temperature and air conditioning, start internet service, etc.

With the integrated Houndify voice artificial intelligence platform, drivers can perform many tasks simply by speaking, including: finding nearby restaurants and businesses, adjusting interior temperature and air conditioning, and starting networking services. SoundHound will also develop a language promotion program for the platform to be available globally. The PSA Group is committed to enhancing the driving experience through innovative services such as networking services and autonomous driving to meet customer needs.

SoundHound co-founder and CEO Keyvan Mohajer said that he is pleased to introduce world-class Houndify voice artificial intelligence technology to PSA Group's cars; PSA Group is at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry, hoping that Houndify platform can provide safer and more intuitive driving Experience. ”

Carla Gohin, senior vice president of R&D and innovation at PSA Group, said that innovation is the cornerstone of value creation. For PSA Group, this cooperation will bring indispensable vehicle functions to drivers and passengers. The driving experience of the PSA Group's future network car will take advantage of the unique technology provided by SoundHound, including natural conversational language understanding and localization processing capabilities to ensure proper functioning and driving pleasure. The cooperation between PSA Group and SoundHound will have a greater breakthrough and improvement in the future development of both parties, and it will bring great industry competitiveness.