LTC2955 Pushbutton On/Off Controller with Automatic Turn-On

Product Details

The LTC2955 is a micropower, pushbutton on/off controller that manages system power by generating a clean enable output from the supply monitor input and the debounced pushbutton input. It features an interrupt output that notifies the system of a pushbutton or low supply event. When the system is ready, it may use the power kill input to shut off power. If the pushbutton remains pressed for more than the configurable turn-off duration, the system power is forced off.

The supply input covers a wide range from 1.5V to 36V. The robust pushbutton input handles wide voltage swings of ±36V and ESD strikes to ±25kV (human body model) without latchup or damage. A low 1.2μA supply current maximizes battery run time. Separate versions are available for positive or negative enable polarities.


  • Desktop and Notebook Computers
  • GPS Devices
  • Portable Instruments
  • Automotive Electronics

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Turn-On Via Voltage Monitor Input
  • Wide Input Supply Range: 1.5V to 36V
  • Low Supply Current: 1.2μA
  • ±25kV ESD HBM on PB Input
  • ±36V Wide Input Voltage for PB Input
  • Low Leakage EN Output Allows DC/DC Converter Control (LTC2955-1)
  • High Voltage EN Output Drives External P-Channel MOSFET (LTC2955-2)
  • Simple Interface Allows Graceful μP Shutdown
  • Adjustable Turn-Off Timer
  • 10-Lead 3mm × 2mm DFN and 8-Lead ThinSOT Packages