Excelitas Introduces New PYD 2592 Detector

Waltham, Massachusetts, USA-Excelitas Technologies, a global leader in innovative, customized optoelectronic solutions, has recently introduced the new PYD 2592 SMD (Surface Mount) DigiPyro Digital Pyroelectric Detector Device. This dual-element PYD 2592 is the same as Excelitas' recently released PYD 2792 SMD DigiPyro. It has two standard sensing elements connected in parallel, and its optical window is a 5x7mm compact SMD package. As the newest members of Excelitas DigiPyro products, PYD 2792 and PYD 2592 both have extremely wide field of view (FOV), providing the required flexibility for complex motion detection applications, including smart home, Internet of Things (IoT), automotive Lighting and security applications.

Excelitas' PYD 2592 SMD DigiPyro detector operates at 1.8-3.6V, is compatible with TO-packaged DigiPyro detectors, and simplifies the handling and operation of standard PCBAs. The PYD 2592 can also be configured with additional parameter settings (bandpass, threshold), and supports the sleep / wake-up function of the linked microprocessor (µP) / microcontroller (MCU).

特性 Product features include:

• Widest field of view (FOV) on the market for flexible optical design

• Full SMT compatibility (can be automatically processed and assembled in a standardized PCBA process)

• Lowest package size, lowest z-height on the market, shallow optical design possible

• Low voltage power supply operation

• Low power consumption

  • Battery powered

我们 "We are pleased to announce the new PYD 2592 sensor as the newest member of our innovative DigiPyro detector family," said Fred Plotz, Product Manager, Infrared Sensing, Excelitas. "The unique design of the PYD 2592 and PYD 2792 detectors simplifies integration with the host system, significantly reduces the size, and has an internal integrated circuit that converts the detector output signal into a 14-bit digital output signal. As a result, OEM customers can Develop better new products and gain more competitive market advantages in more application areas from smart home to IoT. "