Common problems and solutions in wireless sensors

This article describes the five common problems of wireless sensors in detail, and proposes corresponding solutions for reference.

1. After the wireless sensor is installed, the display may be displayed in batches or inaccurately.

Reason: There is electromagnetic interference at the scene, or the signal line and the power line run in the same trunking.

Solution: The performance of the product selected by the customer does not meet the site conditions, and the transmitter with isolation function needs to be installed or replaced.

2. When the wireless sensor is installed, the display is incorrect or not displayed.

Reason: The wiring of the signal line is wrong

Solution: Disconnect the power supply, swap the positions of the two signal wires, press the terminals tightly, and power on again. Especially the three-wire output PT100 thermal resistance sensor without transmitter, such problems often occur during field installation.

3.The value displayed by the wireless level sensor does not change.

Cause: Water in the air duct

Solution: Return to the factory for maintenance, drain the water from the air pipe, recalibrate the range, and then use it.

4.No signal output from temperature sensor

Reason: During the installation, the workers did not understand the sensor, so they used too much force, which caused the pin of the temperature measuring element to be pulled out completely and the signal circuit was interrupted.

Solution: During installation, you only need to connect the wires to the terminals without removing the transmitter or magnetic board, and you can press the signal leads with the terminals.

5.Not displayed on the installation of intelligent control instruments

Reason: Incorrect meter parameter setting

Solution: First confirm the signal type of the wireless sensor, and adjust the input parameters of the intelligent control instrument corresponding to this type.