Bourns adds nine SRP power inductor series

Bourns, the world's leading manufacturer of electronic components, today announced the addition of nine new S RP power inductor series. These new SRP inductor series are designed to meet the requirements of high current and low emissions in a small form factor. Bourns's latest inductor structure consists of a round or flat wire wound coil, and an integrally formed iron-based magnetic metal alloy powder core. This type of structure has magnetic shielding, high current capability, compact size, low noise, and excellent temperature stability.

Bourns® SRP1040VA and SRP6030VA inductors are made with a new metal alloy powder formula and an outer layer surrounding an enamel coil. This innovative metal alloy powder formulation increases the operating temperature to 180 ° C (including self-heating). Making these AEC-Q200-compliant inductors suitable for a variety of high temperature environments and high reliability designs including LED lighting, DC / DC converters and power supplies. Inductance ratings are available from 0.47–22 µH.

The Bourns® SRP4018FA model series is AEC-Q200 qualified and uses flat enamel coils to wrap copper wires in a self-lead terminal structure to provide extremely low DC resistance. This means that lower DC resistance can be provided during operation, and the inductor consumes less power, especially at higher currents and switching frequencies, thus enabling the DC / DC converter to achieve higher power efficiency. This model series has an inductance range of 0.33–1.2 µH and an operating temperature range of –55 to + 155 ° C. Since the SRP4018FA model series is AEC-Q200 qualified, it will be the best choice for a wide range of applications that require high power efficiency and higher reliability.

In addition, the SRP1245C, SRP1265C, SRP3012C, SRP3020C, SRP5020C and SRP5030C models also offer high inductance options on the outer layer surrounding the enamel coil covered copper wire structure. This series models have an inductance range of 0.1–33 µH and an operating temperature range of –40 to + 125 ° C. These models are commercial-specification products that provide OEMs with a cost-effective solution for a large number of consumer electronics applications without the need for AEC-Q200 qualified inductors.

Bourns® Newest SRP Series Inductors Click to enlarge (531 K)

Bourns® nine new inductor series are available now, all of which are RoHS * compliant and halogen-free products **. For more detailed product information, see:

* RoHS Directive 2015/863 of March 31, 2015 and attachments.

** Bourns products meet the "halogen-free" requirements. (A) Bromine content is 900 ppm or less. (B) Chlorine content is 900 ppm or less. (C) Bromine and chlorine content is less than or equal to 1500 ppm.

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