Xsens introduces the new MTi600 inertial motion sensor series

New MTi600 series with multiple interface options, supported by software development kits, designed for space-constrained host systems

Xsens has released a new generation of inertial motion sensors that set a new benchmark in the market for small size, industrial performance and competitive pricing.

The new MTI 600 inertial motion sensor family features an IP51-rated housing of 31.5mm x 28.0mm x 13.0mm for handling roll and pitch angles up to ±0.2°. With GNSS assistance, heading measurement accuracy is up to ±1.0°. The series also adds a CAN bus and a GNSS receiver compatible with the NMEA data format.

Xsens has successfully demonstrated the superior performance of the new module series at booth 2627 at the XPONENTIAL International Unmanned and Unmanned Systems Show (April 30-May 2, 2019).

The outstanding performance of the new module relies on Xsens's innovative conception of fusion algorithms to optimize the performance of new accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometer components. As a result, the MTI 600 series, which is optimized for performance, can be launched in quantities of less than €300, allowing the MTI 610 inertial measurement unit to be put into mass production.

Meindert Zeeuw, Business Manager, Inertial Sensor Modules, Xsens, said: "The MTi 600 series opens up new horizons for the industry, from low-cost, low-cost, consumer-grade MEMS sensors to extremely high-profile, expensive military/aerospace applications, Xsens' new generation of inertial motion The sensors are easy to use."

Zeeuw added: "Whether it is in the fields of drones, driverless vehicles, robots, smart agriculture, surveying equipment, logistics and mining equipment, the new MTi 600 series modules allow designers to create new value-for-money concepts for industrial grade products. Xsens' unique sensor fusion technology and motion measurement expertise have redefined the mid-range module market."

The MTi 600 Series includes four levels of integration:

• MTi-610 IMU provides fully calibrated sensor data output

• MTi-620 VRU handles roll and pitch angles with an accuracy of up to ±0.2°

• The MTi-630 AHRS handles roll and pitch angles with an accuracy of up to ±0.2° and heading measurement accuracy of up to ±1.5°

• MTi-670 GNSS/INS compatible GNSS receiver with roll and pitch angle accuracy of ±0.2°, heading measurement accuracy of ±1.0°, and global positioning data from external GNSS receivers

The MTi 600 Series modules offer the key benefits of the Xsens module users:

• A variety of standard interface solutions are available, and the CAN bus is now supported with RS-232 and UART interfaces for the first time.

• The most comprehensive free MT software suite that can be easily integrated into the host system through this software development kit. It also includes an XDA open source application programming interface for any hardware development platform.

• All product equipment is fully tested and calibrated prior to shipment

• Global technical support from 24/7 by professional application engineers

The MTi 600 Series module is Xsens' first GNSS receiver with a compatible NMEA data format, allowing users to use any size of GNSS receiver chip, module or system with the MTi-670. The MTi-670 GNSS/INS unit provides global positioning information to enhance the pitch, roll and heading output of other MTi 600 Series products.

Sample trials are available for the MTi 600 Series modules, please consult Xsens for details. Mass production is expected to begin in July 2019.

Developers can order the MTi 600 Series Development Kit online at shop.xsens.com.