Wide application of connectors has driven the vigorous production of all walks of life

Science and technology create productivity, the industrial revolution pushes the wheel of historical progress, step by step into the previous human civilization, the innovation of industrial manufacturing equipment, the modernization of agricultural mechanized production equipment, the defense high-tech cutting-edge products such as spaceships, rockets flying in space The most important "tool" for splicing mechanical equipment in various industries such as industry, agriculture, and national defense is the connector.

连接器的广泛应用 带动了各行各业的大力生产

There are also some commonly used electronic products in life, digital products, mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc., which have the main core parts, followed by connectors.

Less connectors per electronic product will not work. As far as its electronic products are concerned, the outermost connector is the power connector, and can be divided into a simple charging cable connector like a normal power plug, a signal-transmitting, power-integrated USB connector such as a computer plug-and-play U Disk, mouse, earphone,

From the internal structure of electronic products, the circuit board integration circuit is quite complicated, and the connector is indispensable in every link. The connector is the bridge connecting each component. One more can't, one less, and the design needs to be reasonable and appropriate. It can be seen that the importance of the connector in life is full of mobile phones that you have to carry with you before you go out. Now you can use the connector to connect to the mobile power supply, and it is easy to let your mobile phone never turn off, which is really convenient for people's lives. Improve the quality of life and work efficiency, and with the rapid advancement of technology, the more refined, the more sophisticated, the more convenient to carry, the external connector of electronic products such as USB data cable, the price is very low, a five meter The long one is less than ten yuan, the service life is not short, and it is broken if you change it again. It is a consumable item itself. If it is like a mobile phone charger, the connector of the center of the circle can only be charged on the power socket. In the future, you can connect directly to your computer or connect to a mobile device for charging. The function has been greatly improved.

The wide application of connectors has driven the vigorous production of all walks of life. Especially in the Guangzhou market, many large and small enterprises have gathered together and want to divide the cake in this industry. According to incomplete statistics, more than 20% of the country's electronic products come from the coastal areas of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. There are sacred places for the production of electronic products. There are electronic products, and there are naturally connectors. Both are inseparable.