Vishay's New Synchronous Buck Regulator

The universal device has a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 60V, and internal compensation functions reduce external components.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) announced the launch of two new 2 A ~ 12 A microBUCK® series synchronous buck regulators with input voltage ranges of 4.5 V to 55 V (SiC476 / 7/8 / 9) and 4.5 V to 60 V (SiC466 / 7/8/9). Vishay Siliconix devices are packaged in a small 5x5 PowerPAKâ package, which contains a high-performance n-channel trench MOSFET and controller, with high efficiency and high power density. Internal compensation reduces the number of external components. The recently announced microBUCKâ regulators use the same controller IC and package form factor, while providing a range of MOSFET ratings, designers can choose the best cost-effective combination.

The regulator released today has a working current of only 156µA and a peak efficiency of 98%. Designers can reduce power consumption and increase power density. High efficiency combined with the excellent thermal design of the 5 mm x 5 mm PowerPAKâ package enables the regulator to operate at lower temperatures, which improves long-term stability without the need for additional heat sinks. The wide range of microBUCK safe working areas allows designers to flexibly meet various operating temperature and current requirements. As a result, designers can reduce PCB size, simplify thermal management, and reduce system costs.

The SiC466 / 7/8/9 and SiC476 / 7/8/9 series regulators have a wide input voltage range and adjustable output voltages ranging from 24 V to 0.8 V, suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial and factory automation DC / DC converters, home automation equipment, industrial computing, base station power, 5G network equipment and small cells, wall-mounted transformer regulators, robots, drones, battery management systems, power tools, vending machines, ATM machines and Slot machine.

The new SiC46x series devices include 2 A SiC469, 4 A SiC468, 6 A SiC467, and 10 A SiC466, and the new SiC47x series devices include 3 A SiC479, 5 A SiC478, 8 A SiC477, and 12 A SiC476. All devices are space-compatible, making it easy for designers to implement extended applications. The regulator has a high degree of configuration capability. The switching frequency can be adjusted within the range of 100kHz ~ 2MHz. It can adjust the soft-start and current limit. It has two working modes: forced continuous operation or energy saving. Both series have internal compensation and do not require an external RC network.

The microBUCKâ COT architecture has ultra-fast transient response capabilities, requires only a small output capacitor, and can strictly regulate ripple at light loads. And, no matter what type of output capacitor is used, including low-ESR ceramic capacitors, the regulator maintains loop stability. The regulator integrates various reliable protection functions, including output over-voltage protection (OVP), output under-voltage protection (UVP), over-current circuit protection (OCP), short-circuit protection (SCP) with automatic retry, and over-temperature protection (OTP) ) And power good sign.