TE Connectivity MULTI-BEAM Plus Power Connector

The MULTI-BEAM Plus power connector of TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in the field of connection and sensing, supports up to 100A per power terminal, or up to 100A per terminal in four adjacent power terminals, meeting market requirements Demand for power and higher performance. Higher power and signal density help save space and reduce power consumption. The MULTI-BEAM Plus connector is the next generation of the MULTI-BEAM XLE connector. This product has a slim design as before, and the system ventilation performance is the same as before. Like MULTI-BEAM XL, MULTI-BEAM XLE, and MULTI-BEAM HD power connectors, the scalable, modular design also supports greater configuration and PCB design flexibility.

The main advantage of TE's MULTI-BEAM Plus power connector is that it can provide the highest power terminal current. Each of the four adjacent power terminals has a current of up to 100A. It can also provide a single-terminal maximum current of 140A, while the single-terminal maximum current of MULTI-BEAM XLE is 75A. High power and signal density help save space and reduce power consumption. Modular design improves configuration scalability and flexibility. In addition, it adopts slim design to achieve good system ventilation.

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