Take you through the details of the Cobos robot DEEBOT T5

At present, the sweeping robot has become a must-have product in many first- and second-tier cities, and the people who work and live in a busy life have become the main force of sweeping robots. In addition, not only the head city, but also the huge consumption potential in the third- and fourth-tier cities. During the 618 period, Tmall data showed that the new smart home equipment such as sweeping robots, automatic window cleaners, and electric mops showed huge purchase demand. For example, 20,000 sweeping robots were robbed in an hour, and the sales of smart health massagers increased by 136% year-on-year.

Of course, consumers also have concerns before purchasing a sweeping robot. The most common problems are intelligence, anti-winding, noise reduction, and price and consumables. In response to these problems and needs, we have a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the Cobos DEEBOT T5 today to see if it is the one you need.

The three main culprits that generally affect the cleaning of the home floor are dust, hair and particles. Especially for families with pets, hair is definitely a big difficulty for cleaning. A family without pets can save a lot of troubles. Therefore, the most common failure of conventional vacuum cleaners is not the motor but the nozzle. Because the nozzle is often entangled by lines, hair, etc., the pulley and the roller cannot rotate. Therefore, for sweeping robots, it is the first lesson to deal with all kinds of common garbage on the ground, such as cat hair and hair as shown below.

For the experience of the recent evaluation, the Cobos DEEBOT T5 pays close attention to this. The chassis layout of the Cobos DEEBOT T5 solves the winding problem in a targeted manner. First of all, its roller brush adopts a detachable bearing cover design, which can be disassembled and cleaned. Secondly, its two rollers are higher in distance from the ground, and the wheels are not easy to get rid of hair and lines; in addition, the Cobos DEEBOT T5 is also included To replace the suction mouth, for users who do not want to clean the roller brush, you can use the suction mouth to clean the ground hair, and then replace it with a roller brush for deep cleaning.

There is also a benefit to this roller, which can easily pass through the small thresholds commonly found in the home, etc. According to the official introduction, the height of 2CM can be exceeded. This is very practical for family scenes. Carpets and floor mats are a must-have for many families. They often have low thresholds. If you don't have obstacles, you need to move them by hand.

Cobos DEEBOT T5 also has a 430ML super dust box, from the actual experience, the basic 70 square meters of the room is not full. This is not the point. The key point is that the DEEBOT T5 supports a water-washing filter. The cleaning frequency can be as long as one week. After the hair problem is solved, let's look at the particles. The shovel officer will almost always equip the cat with one or a few cat scratch boards to prevent them from scratching the sofa. But the cat scratch board has a drawback, that is, it will produce a lot of paper scraps. I first want to test if the Cobos DEEBOT T5 is good for cat scratching paper scraps.

Then let's take a look at the DEUBOT T5's deep cleaning ability. For the shovel officer, the most painful thing about home cleaning must be the ubiquitous cat hair, and in general, the carpet or the floor mat will have dust in addition to the cat hair, which is very difficult to clean. The DEEBOT T5 has a carpet recognition function that actively increases the suction when passing through the carpet, thus removing the deep dust hidden in the carpet. In actual use, it is obvious that the volume of the sweeping robot when the carpet encounters the carpet increases, and the suction force is stronger.

Nowadays, there are more and more families with pets, which brings new problems to household cleaning. For example, some corners, not only dust, but also the accumulation of garbage, hair and other garbage, such as pets, and because it is difficult to clean the furniture, it has become a blind spot for daily cleaning. The overall thickness of the DEEBOT T5 is only 9.3cm, so it can be accessed where some handheld suctioners can't reach. For example, the bottom of the cabinet, the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed, etc., and these places are almost the place with the most dust and hair. You don't have to worry about the DEEBOT T5.

After the first use, the DEEBOT T5 has completed the map drawing. If it is used again, the room layout will be judged first, and the bow shape will be cleaned one by one. If you encounter obstacles, you can achieve a pre-judgment bypass and return to the planning path. For example, these two points are all manifestations of intelligence. DEEBOT T5 also supports breakpoint positioning and continuous sweeping. It can also be automatically returned to the position where it is moved. After the cleaning is completed, it is consistent with the actual situation of the house, indicating that the construction accuracy of the map is also good.

With regard to intelligence, there is also a very practical point. DEEBOT T5 can create virtual walls and mopping restricted areas in the mobile app, which can avoid areas that do not want to be cleaned. After setting, DEEBOT T5 will intelligently bypass the area.

There are a lot of troubles in the living room of the home. For example, the cables, fiber optic cables and other items are hidden under the table. It is not appropriate for the sweeping robot to enter the cleaning. After all, the network cable is not careful, and the whole family can't get on the net. You can use the virtual wall function to circle the "dangerous" area. As a result, the DEEBOT T5 will not step into this forbidden half-step, and you have to worry a lot.

In addition, the DEEBOT T5 also supports remote remote cleaning and scheduled cleaning. For example, during working hours, you can remotely control the DEEBOT T5 to complete the cleaning. After work, you don't have to worry about the cat hair everywhere. Cobos DEEBOT T5 is a well-deserved strength, whether it is clean power or intelligent planning. Like a dishwasher, a sweeping robot is also a magic weapon to improve the happiness index of life.

Putting DEEBOT T5 at home is not only high enough, but also relieves the troubles of many users. After all, for most consumers, cleaning is not only a troublesome but also a headache, and with DEEBOT T5, basic It is rare to do such trivial things, and you can have more time to enrich your life.