STMicroelectronics launches STM32 system chip

STMicroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange: STM), the world ’s leading semiconductor supplier that promotes sustainable world development through smart infrastructure and logistics, smart industry and smart life, spans multiple electronics applications The world's first LoRa® system-on-chip (SoC) to connect smart devices to the Internet of Things (IoT) via long-range wireless technology.

The STM32WLE5 system chip enables product developers to create devices such as remote environmental sensors, meters, trackers, and process controllers to help companies effectively manage energy and resource usage.

This system chip integrates ST's ultra-low-power STM32 microcontroller design technology with LoRa compatible RF technology in an easy-to-use single-chip product. A number of patent-pending RF power management architectures will ensure unique performance of the STM32WLE5. ST's LoRaWAN wireless network communication software has passed all regional certifications and can be used worldwide.

Ricardo De Sa Earp, General Manager of the STMicroelectronics Microcontroller Division, said: "Our new product STM32 wireless system chip expands the existing STM32W wireless MCU product line, simplifies new product development, and saves bill of materials costs. Maximize system reliability and energy efficiency. In addition, by porting existing embedded designs to the STM32WLE5, developers can easily introduce wireless connectivity to take full advantage of the STM32 MCU architecture. "

The 10-year rolling guarantee of STMicroelectronics industrial products promises to support STM32WLE5 users.

The STM32WLE5 is packaged in a 5mm x 5mm UFBGA73 package, fully supporting the market-tested STM32 ecosystem, including the STM32Cube software tool, and the globally-accepted LoRaWAN software stack and source code that have been certified.

Technical details:

The on-chip integrated RF module is based on the Semtech SX126x IP core, with two transmission modes of high and low power, covering the open frequency band of 150MHz-960MHz below 1GHz worldwide, ensuring that the module is compatible with LoRa networks in all regions. As a result, OEMs can deploy STM32WLE5 to all markets around the world, ensure compatibility at the technical level, and help improve operational efficiency and customer support services. The receiving sensitivity is as low as -148 dBm, and two power amplifiers up to 15 dBm are integrated. In the same package, the maximum transmission power can reach 22 dBm, thereby maximizing the wireless communication distance.

In addition to the embedded LoRa modulation technology, the STM32WLE5 can also handle (G) FSK, (G) MSK and BPSK modulation methods, thus allowing developers to use various alternative protocols, including proprietary protocols. In addition, high RF performance and low power consumption ensure the reliability of wireless connections and extend battery life.

This microcontroller utilizes STMicroelectronics' STM32L4 architecture, which is based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 core supporting the DSP extended instruction set, and provides ultra-low-power technologies, including dynamic voltage regulation and zero-wait-cycle execution of ST's flash memory Code's adaptive real-time acceleration technology, ART Accelerator ™.

The on-chip flash memory has sufficient capacity, with 64KB, 128KB, and 256KB available. This allows developers to choose the best code storage capacity and data storage capacity for the entire platform including applications and radio frequency.

Users also benefit from the built-in data security features of the STM32L4 microcontroller, including hardware public key accelerator (PKA), hardware random number generator (TRNG), sector read-write protection (PCROP), and support for state-of-the-art including RSA Encryption Algorithm.