STMicroelectronics Introduces STM32Trust

The resource-rich toolkit provides powerful protection for IoT device networks based on STM32 microcontrollers.

China, August 1, 2019 -- STMicroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange: STM), the world's leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications, has released STM32Trust to guide designers in their use. Industry best practices to build a powerful network security protection system for new IoT devices.

STM32Trust integrates knowledge, design tools and ST's original, out-of-the-box software to help designers leverage the built-in security features of the STM32* microcontroller to establish mutual trust between devices, prevent unauthorized access, defend against side-channel attacks, and avoid data theft. And code modifications.

“Connected devices such as smart sensors and remote actuators are inherent components of infrastructure and services, so ensuring the effective security of these devices becomes critical,” said Ricardo De Sa Earp, General Manager, STMicroelectronics Microcontrollers Division Explain. "The newly released mandatory security regulations are a new major challenge in today's general-purpose microcontroller market, and STM32Trust makes it easier for developers to understand and accept new mandatory security rules."

STM32Trust integrates all of the network protection resources available in the STM32 family, leveraging security-centric silicon features and software packages to help designers implement a robust multi-layered security protection strategy.

The STM32 family is the world's leading Arm® Cortex® CPU architecture SoC portfolio, with nearly 1,000 products for smart devices, remote sensors, wearables, electronic medical devices, IoT gateways, access control memory , IoT devices such as payment terminals. Depending on the model, hardware network protection features include custom secure boot, random number generators that prevent hackers from observing signal patterns, dedicated cryptographic coprocessors, and key secure storage units. STMicroelectronics also built tamper detection, firewall code isolation mechanisms on the chip, and implemented ArmTorrentZone® security technology to provide additional protection for the most vulnerable code.

STM32Trust uses these hardware features for product developers to effectively protect data security for IoT devices, providing all the resources needed, including reference materials and free software.

In the reference package, X-CUBE-SBSFU demonstrates how to secure the application code in the case of application code transfer to boot memory or field update. The X-CUBE-SBSFU reference package is applicable to STM32F4, F7, H7, L0, L1, L4, G0, G4 and WB. STMicroelectronics' STSAFE reference design maximizes the level of security for the end application.

In addition, the STM32L4 and STM32H7 microcontrollers provide a secure firmware installation solution that protects the device when it is first coded. The solution provides a complete application security installation kit, encrypts OEM binaries using Trusted Package Creator software, securely loads code into STM32 flash memory via STM32CUBE writer, and passes OEM digital certificates to responsible code using STM32HSM module Installed partner.