STMicroelectronics Introduces Highly Integrated 64-Channel High-Voltage Analog Switch Chip

STMicroelectronic's 64-channel high-voltage analog switch ICs are integrated to unprecedented levels for advanced ultrasound systems, ultrasonic probes, piezo actuators, automated test equipment, industrial automation and industrial manufacturing process control systems.

The STHV64SW integrates a logic control signal shift register, a self-biased high voltage MOSFET gate driver, and an output peak current ±3A N-channel MOSFET switch. These switches have a fast response time of 1.5μs on-time; low quiescent current saves off-state power. Low on-resistance and low distortion, as well as low crosstalk, ensure excellent signal integrity. Internal thermal shutdown and undervoltage lockout protection (UVLO) ensure safe operation of the switch.

This advanced product uses STMicroelectronics' proprietary BCD6s-SOI (Silicon On Insulator) and BCD8s SOI manufacturing processes to integrate precision analog circuits (bipolar transistors), low voltage CMOS logic and robust DMOS power stages on the same chip. . The STHV64SW can be used with a variety of high voltage power supplies up to -100V/+100V, 0V/200V or -200V/0V.

Innovative high-tech equipment is currently using STHV64SW, for example, industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) ultrasonic flaw detectors and economical portable medical ultrasound echo imaging diagnostic equipment, the latter is improving the level of antenatal care in remote rural areas.

Like the recently introduced STHV1600 16-channel pulse generator chip, this highly integrated 64-channel analog switch chip is also available in a compact FCBGA package, allowing system manufacturers to increase channel density for superior ultrasound image resolution. Rate while occupying minimal board space.

The STHV64SW is available now in a BGA-196 package. The STEVAL-IME015V1 evaluation board is also available. To order, please contact your local ST sales office.