OSRAM launches its first LED light using quantum dot light conversion technology

New light conversion technology helps Osconiq S 3030 QD deliver superior performance with high color rendering index

Osram has introduced the new mid-power LED Osconiq S 3030 QD, the first OSRAM LED to use quantum dot-light conversion technology, developed for regional lighting and downlight applications, giving the fixtures more efficient and superior color rendering. performance.

Quantum Dot (QD) is a nano-sized semiconductor particle that is about 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Due to its very small size, the size of the QD particles determines the spectral color of the secondary excitation of the blue LED light when it hits these nanoparticles. For example, QD particles with a size of about 3 nanometers produce green light, while those of about 7 nanometers emit red light. This innovative tunable optical conversion technology is now being used for the first time in OSSOL's Osconiq S 3030 QD power LEDs, and marks the first step in new LED components for the general lighting market.

In the manufacture of traditional white LEDs, the main goal is to ensure efficiency and product quality. While high color rendering index (CRI) ensures high efficiency and high quality, it is not only a challenge for developers using traditional phosphor conversion technology, but also often faces difficult development limitations. QD can solve this problem. The biggest advantage of using nanoparticles is that the existing LED manufacturing process can be kept the same, and the conventional phosphor can be directly replaced by QD when applying the conversion material.

More than a year ago, OSRAM acquired PLT (Pacific Light Technology), a leading company in the development and manufacture of high performance optical nanomaterials. PLT's QD technology enables OSRAM to begin to reduce the performance gap between current CRI 80 LEDs and CRI 90 LEDs. The new Osconiq S 3030 includes a specially developed QD phosphor solution that enables the CRI 90 LED to achieve an outstanding performance of 173 lm/W at 3000k, which is the best value for a 0.2 W high performance LED. The compact dimensions (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm) and low thermal resistance of the Osconiq S 3030 QD result in a compact system design for a wide range of color temperatures from 2700 K to 6500 K.

Another unique feature of PLT QD technology is that special packaging technology enables QD to reliably control the harsh operating conditions of the chip inside the LED device and protect the encapsulated quantum dots from humidity and other possibilities. The functionality of the LED constitutes the influence of external factors of risk.

Osconiq S 3030 QD is Osram's first quantum dot technology-based LED.

Osconiq S 3030 QD can be used in commercial lighting fixtures to ensure superior performance even under high CRI conditions.