NXP launches MCU-level face recognition solution

NXP's MCU-level face recognition solution can more quickly add face recognition capabilities to IoT products. This solution provides hardware reference design and software integration services with outstanding advantages, which facilitates rapid evaluation and verification development, and meets the needs of face recognition applications in various industries.

The NXP MCU-level face recognition solution is implemented using i.MX RT106F, enabling developers to easily and conveniently add face recognition to their MCU-based IoT products. This ultra-small size, integrated software algorithm and hardware solution , It is convenient for developers to carry out rapid evaluation and proof-of-concept development. The SLN-VIZN-IOT development kit allows you to create your own facial models offline without the need for a cloud connection, reducing overall cost and design complexity.

This solution minimizes time to market, reduces risk, and reduces development work. It can enable many OEMs to more easily add face recognition capabilities and provide advanced user interfaces for smart homes, smart appliances, smart toys, and smart industries. And access control capabilities without the need for Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity, addressing the privacy issues of many consumers.

i.MX RT106F is a member of the i.MX RT1060 series. It will be officially mass-produced in April 2020. It is mainly aimed at low-cost face recognition applications. It is based on the Arm Coretx-M7 core and a high-performance real-time processor with a frequency of up to 600MHz. In addition to the face recognition function, the i.MX RT106F also has a large number of available peripherals, which can be used as the main chip for a variety of applications. i.MX RT106F has been licensed to run NXP OASIS runtime for face recognition, including:

  • Camera driver
  • Image capture and pre-processing;
  • Face Detection;
  • Face tracking
  • Face contrast
  • Face recognition
  • Anti-fraud
  • Face configuration
  • Confidence;
  • Face recognition authentication results;
  • Emotion recognition
  • Built-in secure bootloader, application verification;
  • Connectivity: MQTT; 1W1p, TLS search and registration; all drivers (including wifi and Bluetooth);
  • RTOS OTW client: OTW signature script, OTW rollback, image redundancy;
  • Update
  • Automatic verification script;
  • Supports MCU Xpresso SDK, IDE and configuration tools.

1. Key values of I.MX RT106F solution:

  • i.MX RT106F is i.MXRT1060 MCU (Arm Cortex-M7 core, 1MB SRAM): Contains face recognition algorithm engine, local recognition eliminates cloud costs, latency and privacy issues;
  • MPU BOM Higher-end MPU solution can reduce costs by nearly 50%: SDRAM, eMMC, PMIC, and 6-layer board production costs are reduced
  • A simpler and easier MCU platform, which is convenient for R & D personnel to develop: R & D personnel who do not need Linux and high-end MPU, are familiar with the real-time operating system RTOS;
  • NXP turnkey solution to reduce time to market: a full set of reference designs, software, schematics, layout and BOM, from design to market within 6 months.

2.Hardware framework

3. Software framework

4. Support emotion recognition

5.Application industry

  • Smart home: thermostat, HVAC, lighting control;
  • Smart security / alarm equipment: alarm panel, access control, smart door lock;
  • Smart appliances: washing machines, clothes dryers, ovens, refrigerators, stoves and stovetops, microwave ovens, range hoods, dishwashers; desktop appliances (coffee machines, multi-function cookers, microwave ovens);
  • Smart toys: educational toys, games, etc .;
  • Smart industry: power tools, smart workstations, industrial automation and process control.