Nexperia introduces 650V power device GAN063-650WSA

Nexperia, a specialist manufacturer of discrete, logic and MOSFET devices, today announced the 650V power device GAN063-650WSA, which is announced to enter the GaN field effect transistor (GaN) market. The device is extremely durable with a gate voltage (VGS) of +/- 20 V and an operating temperature range of -55 to +175 °C. The GAN063-650WSA features low on-resistance (maximum RDS(on) of only 60 m?6?8) and fast switching; very efficient.

The Nexperia GaN device targets the high performance requirements market, including electric vehicles, data centers, telecom equipment, industrial automation and high-end power supplies. Nexperia silicon-based gallium nitride is a proven technology that is proven to be reliable and durable. In addition, it can use existing silicon wafer processing equipment, so the wafer processing capacity is very scalable. In addition, the device is available in an industry-standard TO-247 package, and customers benefit from superior GaN performance in a familiar package.

Mr. Toni Versluijs, General Manager of MOS Business Unit at Nexperia, said: “This is Nexperia's strategy to enter the high voltage field. Now we can deliver power semiconductor technology for electric vehicle applications. Our GaN technology is already mass-produced and flexible. The expansion of the automobile industry is a focus of Nexperia. As electric vehicles gradually replace traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and become the first choice for individuals and the public, it is expected that electric vehicle sales will see a substantial increase in the next two decades."

GAN063-650WSA is the first of a series of GaN products that Nexperia has entered into the electric vehicle, communications equipment and industrial markets. For more information on the new device GAN063-650WSA, including product specifications and data sheets, please visit:

Introduction to Nexperia

Nexperia is a high-volume production specialist in discrete components, MOSFET components, analog and logic integrated circuit components, and its components meet the stringent standards of the automotive industry. Nexperia is very focused on efficiency and continues to produce the basic semiconductor components required for every electronic design in the world: up to 90 billion units a year. Its products have become the industry benchmark in terms of efficiency (such as process, size, power and performance) and have the industry's smallest package technology to save power and space.

Based on decades of experience, Nexperia has been providing quality products and services to large companies around the world with more than 11,000 employees in Asia, Europe and the United States. The company has a large intellectual property portfolio and is certified by IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.