NetPower-Mega Power Co., Ltd. unveiled at 2019 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show

NetPower-Mega Power will be unveiled at the 2019 Munich Electronics Show (electronica China 2019) at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. Jiangsu Zhaoneng Electronics Co., Ltd. (Booth No. E4. 4162) will show the company's latest products and services to the audience. The site will also have a professional technician to give you the most detailed introduction, and we can look forward to your arrival.

NetPower - Megan Power is committed to providing efficient, reliable product design concepts to provide the world's leading DC-DC and AC-DC power products and solutions for the global power market. At present, the company's products have been widely used in international and domestic networks, communications, industry, orbit, medicine, and new energy vehicles.

“Railway Power”, “Industrial Power” and “Vehicle Power” are the three themes of NetPower's exhibition.

With the rapid development of the social economy, the contradiction of resource shortage, road traffic congestion and serious pollution has become increasingly prominent, and the problems of bus convenience and safety have been paid more and more attention. At the same time, with the technological innovation of the global rail transit industry changing, the global rail transit equipment market showed a strong growth trend. In order to respond positively to market demand, the rail transit power module developed and manufactured by Zhaoneng has been widely used in lighting, electronic display, communication, broadcasting, monitoring systems and other applications in the rail transportation industry. The product design meets the requirements of relevant industry standards such as EN50155, and effectively responds to the harsh application environment of the rail transportation industry. Depending on the differences in the application, Mega can also offer custom designs with special specifications.

The company's power supply modules include DC and AC input types with a wide input range and a wide power range. Various designs and packages are available for measurement and inspection equipment, industrial control and automation, industrial display, robotics and power engineering. And other applications.

In recent years, with the gradual expansion of the electric vehicle market, Zhaoneng has developed standard power unit units of multiple power levels for the electric vehicle market. The current power range covers 1KW to 4KW, and the power density can reach 100W/inch3. At the same time, in response to the diverse needs of customers, NetPower can customize the most suitable vehicle power converter for customers. These power converters are suitable for a wide range of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. They achieve high voltage conversion from high-voltage power batteries to low-voltage batteries and low-voltage power equipment with excellent conversion efficiency and excellent power density. Use the environment to ensure reliable and stable work.

In addition to the display of a wide range of products and customized solutions, Zhaoneng has also launched the distribution and agency business of international electronic products. With years of experience in international marketing services and experienced service support team, Megan is the vast majority of electronics manufacturers to explore the international market. Best partner.