MPI launches NoiseShieldTM products

MPI has introduced a new NoiseShieldTM product that offers excellent EMI shielding, low ground impedance and the shortest cable length to reduce parasitic capacitance and maximize the roll-off frequency of the test system. This option reduces the impact of external magnetic fields on the measurement results and makes the 1/f and RTN noise measurements more stable and unaffected by the placement. In addition, it also makes the impact of the probe station "invisible", so that the measurement results reach the test value limit of the test instrument.

MPI's NoiseShield products are designed to deliver high customer value by reducing test costs. Used in conjunction with MPI ShielDEnvironmentTM, it provides unmatched EMI shielding for DUTs, measuring instruments such as preamplifiers, and all cables and connectors. The NoiseShieldTM solution minimizes parasitic capacitance by reducing cable length to maximize the attenuation frequency of the test system. The solution also reduces the impact of external magnetic fields on the measurement results.

Toe Naing Swe, Director of Component Modeling at MPI Advanced Semiconductor Testing, said: "MPI NoiseShieldTM is the next step in providing a 1/f measurement high value solution. Using MPI ShielDEnvironmentTM, users can experience the DUT. And measurement instruments such as the ProPlus 9812DX preamplifier, superior EMI shielding for all cables and connectors. This fully integrated solution places the low noise amplifier (LNA) very close to the DUT Shorten cable length. With the TS3500-SE fully automatic probe station with MPI WaferWallet® module, users can perform fully automated 1/f noise measurement on-wafer. MPI SENTIO® software kit offers ProPlus Design SoluTIons products The required drivers, such as BSIMProPlusTM and NoiseProPlusTM, make the composition of automated test systems easier."

Dr. Liu Zhihong, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ProPlus Design SoluTIons Inc., said: "The MPI probe station is an excellent probe station. I have used one of the best probe stations. In terms of noise measurement, it has excellent shielding and greatly reduces parasitic capacitance. With this product, we are able to take advantage of the system without compromising system performance. With the high-precision LNA in the 9812DX, we can achieve a noise floor of 3e-27 A^2/Hz with a bandwidth greater than 20KHz. At the same time, the low current of the pA level can be accurately monitored. The low frequency measurement can reach 0.1Hz without being affected by mechanical vibration. With the MPI probe station, we measure the gold oxide half field effect transistor (MOSFET). At 10MHz, the noise level reaches the noise floor of our broadband LNA."

Introduction to MPI CorporaTIon

Founded in 1995, MPI CorporaTIon is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is a global technology leader in semiconductors, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), photoprobes, lasers, materials research, aerospace, automotive, fiber optics, and electronic components. By. MPI's four business units include probe cards, LED and optoelectronic testing, advanced semiconductor testing, and high and low temperature testing. MPI products include advanced probe card technology, probe stations, testers, material carriers, and inspection and high and low temperature test systems. Many of these products come with state-of-the-art calibration and test and measurement software packages. Product mix and industry diversity provide a healthy environment for employee growth and retention. The mutual exchange of product technologies in various departments is conducive to promoting MPI product innovation and providing customers with superior solutions.