Mouser Electronics launches a new generation of ultra-low power smart sensor hubs

Mouser Electronics, a distributor of electronic components focused on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, will start selling the new generation of ultra-low power smart sensor hubs BHI260AB and BHA260AB of Bosch Sensortec. These two products are designed for sensors that work continuously in wearable devices, smart headsets, AR / VR devices, and smartphones, and integrate a powerful coprocessor that can share the pressure of the main processor to process sensor data, thereby reducing power. Consumption and extend battery life.

Among the two Bosch Sensortec sensor hubs distributed by Mouser, BHI260AB integrates an advanced three-axis MEMS accelerometer, while BHA260AB integrates an equally advanced six-axis gyroscope / accelerometer inertial measurement unit. Both products integrate Bosch Sensortec's Fuser2 core, which is a 32-bit floating-point microcontroller and has 256KB of on-chip SRAM. In the energy-efficient 20MHz long-running mode, the configurable Fuser2 core current is only 950µA, while in the high-performance 50MHz acceleration mode, its current is 2.8mA.

BHI260AB can provide up to 25 general-purpose input / output (GPIO), while BHI260AB can provide up to 12 GPIO. They all have a host interface that can be configured as SPI or high-speed I²C, and the data rate can reach 3.4MBit / s, which can achieve more energy-efficient data transmission. The two sensor hubs also support integration with other sensor devices such as GNSS and various localization systems.

In addition, Mouser also provides the corresponding Shuttle Boards for the two sensor hubs, namely BHI260 Shuttle Board and BHA260 Shuttle Board. Both products have multiple external sensors that can be connected to the sensor hub via jumpers on the PCB. With the Shuttle Board, the pins of various sensors can be easily accessed through a simple socket, and the Shuttle Board can also be plugged into the Bosch Sensortec application board.