Mouser Electronics Introduces NXP S32K MCU

Mouser Electronics, a global authorized electronic distributor focusing on the introduction of new products, is now stocking S32K ISELED microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors. As a member of NXP's S32K series of automotive-grade microcontrollers, the S32K ISELED device has the same functions as other members and adds the ISELED communication protocol. ISELED is an open alliance dedicated to providing next-generation smart LED lighting technology specifically for automotive and industrial applications.

The ISELED protocol avoids expensive external processing and ensures a good balance of light parameters through stricter calibration and better processing control of RGB LEDs. NXP S32K ISELED microcontrollers have 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-based processing capabilities and access to the ISELED ecosystem, providing engineers with complete hardware and software solutions that enable them to create the dynamics needed for next-generation smart LED lighting applications Sequence and light parameters.

The S32K ISELED devices supplied by Mouser Electronics are automotive-grade microcontrollers equipped with Arm Cortex-M0 + core (S32K11x series) or Arm Cortex-M4F core (S32K14x series). They include production licenses and are dedicated to running ISELED serial communication protocols. driver. The ISELED software driver runs in a production-grade SDK pre-installed in the S32 Design Studio IDE or AUTOSAR environment. Due to its powerful functions and processing capabilities, each microcontroller can act as a single external master controller in the ISELED ecosystem.

To support low-cost evaluation and development, Mouser also offers NXP S32K EVB series evaluation boards, including the S32K144EVB. The S32K144EVB is based on the S32K144 microcontroller and has a standardized form factor compatible with Arduino and Uno pin layouts, providing a wealth of expansion board options for rapid prototyping and demonstration of applications.