KLA Releases New Defect Detection and Inspection Portfolio

Improve KLA's advantages in patterned wafer defect inspection, inspection and classification.

Milpitas, Calif., July 9, 2019 - KLA Corporation (NASDAQ: KLAC) today announced the 392x and 295x optical defect inspection systems and the eDR7380TM electron beam defect inspection system. These new inspection systems are a further extension of our flagship product line, the pattern wafer platform, with improved detection speed and sensitivity, representing a new level of optical inspection. The innovation of the new electron beam inspection system has further strengthened its own value and became a necessary link between defects and the discovery of its root causes. For leading 3D NAND, DRAM and logic integrated circuits (ICs), this portfolio will shorten the entire product cycle and speed time to market.

"In order to profitably manufacture the next generation of memory and logic chips, the required process control requirements are unprecedented," said Ahmad Khan, executive vice president of KLA International Products. “The component structure becomes smaller, narrower, taller, deeper, and the shape is more complex and the material is more novel. Separating the defect from other harmless physical changes—that is, separating the desired signal from the noise— - It has become a very difficult problem. I am pleased to announce that our optical and electron beam engineering team has developed a series of innovative systems that combine the detection and inspection of defects, which will drive our industry forward. ”

The 392x and 295x optical pattern wafer defect inspection systems have made substantial progress in wide-spectrum plasma illumination technology, sensor architecture and integrated chip design data, and their sensitivity, yield and yield-related defect classification are among the best in the industry. As a result, the new system can detect defects and increase yields more quickly than leading industry-leading products, while providing more comprehensive online monitoring. For a variety of inspection applications, including EUV lithography quality control, the 392x and 295x systems offer different wavelength ranges and cover all process layers from shallow trench isolation to metallization.

With state-of-the-art image quality and the unique ability to obtain complete defect profiles through a single pass, the eDR7380 electron beam wafer defect inspection system captures defect sources more quickly in product development while detecting offsets faster in manufacturing and Get more accurate and actionable data. The system is capable of viewing fragile EUV lithography layers. The unique combination with the KLA detector shortens the time to obtain results, facilitates the use of multiple KLA-specific applications, and increases the sensitivity of detection through intelligent sampling and efficient defect data exchange.

The 392x, 295x and eDR7380 systems can be used as new systems or upgraded to previous generation 39xx, 29xx or eDR7xxx systems. These systems are future scalable to protect the fab's capital investment.

All new systems are installed and operated in the world's leading IC manufacturing plants, and together with other machines are used to manufacture innovative electronic components. To ensure the high performance and productivity required by chip manufacturers, the KLA Global Integrated Services Network will support the 392x, 295x and eDR7380 systems.