Infineon XENSIV TLI4971

Infineon Technologies AG (FSE code: IFX / OTCQX code: IFNNY) will release a new family of current sensor families and bring its first family member to the PCIM trade show this year. This family of products will consist of highly accurate and stable coreless Hall sensors. They offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing customers to individually set product parameters such as current range, overcurrent threshold and output mode.

The first product, the XENSIVTM TLI4971, measures from ±25 A to ±120 A. It is suitable for industrial applications such as electric drives up to 50 kW or photovoltaic inverters. Other members of this product family will be available in 2020, and they are suitable for automotive applications.

英飞凌XENSIV™ TLI4971:面向工业应用的全新电流传感器

XENSIVTM TLI4971 current sensor for industrial applications for highly accurate and stable current measurement

This coreless open-loop current sensor enables highly accurate, stable current measurements and provides an analog output voltage. Based on Infineon's proven temperature and stress compensation technology on the market, its sensitivity error at room temperature is as low as 2%. It can also be reduced to less than 2% by single point system calibration. Moreover, the use of two Hall-sensitive elements for differential measurements ensures high measurement accuracy even in noisy environments filled with crosstalk from adjacent current lines or magnetic stray fields.

The TLI4971 has two output pins that support fast overcurrent signals. The customer can set the overcurrent signal threshold to meet system requirements without the need for additional external components. These signals can be used to signal and shut down the system. In addition, the device can also provide an overvoltage or undervoltage condition signal for the supply voltage.

Thanks to the coreless concept, the TLI4971 can be placed in an 8x8x1 mm leadless QFN package (TISON-8). The current rail layout delivers exceptional thermal performance and supports up to 120 A without additional cost. The device is suitable for high voltage applications with up to 1.1 kV galvanic isolation (maximum reciprocal isolation voltage V IORM).


The XENSIVTM TLI4971 will be released in September 2019. Samples will be available in August.