Element14 Launches MERUS Series Class D Audio Amplifier

Element14 announces the introduction of the Infineon MERUSTM Series Class D audio amplifier solution. The solution uses pioneering multi-stage switching technology to improve audio performance and reduce power loss during operation. Thanks to Infineon's enhanced design and production standards, the MERUSTM range ensures high reliability and stability throughout the entire product life cycle. Compared to other traditional solutions on the market, the MERUSTM series is small, lightweight and offers higher power efficiency with reduced electromagnetic interference and overall cost.

Electronics engineers can use the MERUSTM Series of Class D audio amplifier solutions for a variety of applications, such as battery-powered speakers, wireless and pedestal speakers, sound bars, multi-room systems, and home theater systems. The MERUSTM family includes fully integrated monolithic audio amplifier ICs, multi-chip audio amplifier modules (MCMs), and discrete audio amplifier driver ICs and power MOSFET solutions that are highly scalable to meet the most demanding applications .

The products currently offered by the Internet Alliance include:

• MA12040P (4-18V supply voltage range), MA12070P (4-26V supply voltage range) for battery-powered speakers, wireless and pedestal speakers, sound bars, and multi-room/home theater systems. Both products feature an embedded digital power management mechanism with power management algorithms that dynamically adjust the switching frequency and modulation to optimize power loss and EMI over the entire output power range. An integrated digital-to-analog converter supports digital I2S audio stream input. The amplifier supports sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz and features DC, short, over temperature and undervoltage protection. The flexible "Power Mode Configuration" allows users to achieve extremely low power loss or optimal audio performance with multi-stage switching technology. For analog inputs, Element14 also has MA12040 and MA12070 products.

• The easy-to-use audio evaluation kit, EVAL_AUDIO_MA12070P, contains all the components needed to evaluate the high power efficiency of the MERUSTM digital input multi-stage Class D amplifier 2×80W (MA12070P). Designed for high-performance filterless and heatsink-free audio applications, the IC is ideal for applications such as voice-activated audio and professional audio that require minimal power and power loss while maximizing dynamic range and audio performance.

Lee Turner, director of global semiconductor and single board computers at Farnell and e-Links, said: "Infineon's pioneering audio application solutions are renowned for their patented architecture, proprietary algorithms, advanced manufacturing processes, and extensive validation and testing. The MERUSTM family of amplifier solutions delivers ultra-high power efficiency and delivers best-in-class audio performance in a small package, ideal for design engineers developing products for home and professional audio applications. It is now available at e-Communications."

“With the advent of a series of innovative technologies, such as multi-stage Class D amplifiers designed to achieve high-quality audio and improved power efficiency, designers can create better products for their customers. We are delighted that We strongly assist us in increasing the market awareness and sales of MERUSTM audio amplifier ICs and showcasing cutting-edge technologies in this range of products,” said Jens Tybo Jensen, Head of Class D Audio Applications Engineering at Infineon.

Infineon's MERUSTM Series D Audio Amplifier products are now available through Farnell (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Newark (North America) and Element14 (Asia Pacific).