AMETEK Releases Asterion Series 12kVA/18kVA

AMETEK Programmable Power Supply Division - A global leader in DC and AC flow control and test solutions, the Asterion series of 12kVA/18kVA new AC and DC power supplies.

The Asterion12K3 offers up to 12000VA or 12000W AC and DC output power, and the Asterion18K3 offers up to 18000VA or 18000W AC and DC output power. Both models are 14U high and support single-phase and three-phase output modes.

Continuing the design of the low-power Asterion series of AC and DC power supplies, the new models also have excellent product performance, excellent ease of use and flexible modular design, which makes them the most on the market today. Adaptable and cost-effective power products.

The core technology of the Asterion series of AC and DC power supply breakthrough performance lies in AMETEK's original powerful IX2 current multiplication technology. Using this technology, the output current of the Asterion series of AC and DC power supplies can be increased to twice the rated current when the output voltage drops to half of the rated voltage. This ensures that the Asterion Series AC and DC power supplies achieve full power output over a wide voltage range. As a result, IX2 current multiplication technology can help customers save money. In test applications that require different voltage levels, such as performing low-voltage line testing, customers can purchase multiple power supplies or over-power supplies to complete the test.

The Asterion series of AC and DC power supplies have excellent performance specifications, while providing extremely wide AC and DC voltage output ranges with an AC voltage range of up to 400VAC and a DC voltage range of up to 500VDC.

Another unique advantage of the Asterion family of AC and DC power supplies is the ability to achieve higher output power or auto-phase system configuration through automatic parallel and clock/lock functions. The user can connect up to six devices to achieve a power output of up to 36kVA. One device in the system acts as the master and the rest as the slave; the user can also configure the phase separation, three-phase, or even more phase systems as needed. In this way, the user can purchase only a small amount of power in the early stage, and the device can be added again if there is a demand for high power or multi-phase in the later stage. This feature of system expansion based on demand helps protect the initial investment of users and delays additional capital expenditures.

In addition, the Asterion series of AC and DC power supplies are extremely easy to use. AMETEK has developed a new user interface for this platform. The intuitive and unique touch screen interface allows users to quickly and easily set up the power supply for testing. In addition, the Asterion Series AC and DC power supplies offer a complete avionics test option and a 16-5000Hz frequency output option.

Powerful features and performance make the Asterion range of AC and DC power supplies suitable for both laboratory and automated test systems. When used in an ATE system, users can subscribe to versions without a front panel.

Asterion series AC and DC power supply comes standard with LXI LAN, USB and RS232 interfaces, and optional GPIB interface. The intuitive “virtual panel” graphical control software ensures the convenience of interoperability with the computer, and the built-in drivers are easy to integrate into the ATE system.

The Asterion series of AC and DC power supplies are reliable and rugged. AMETEK's program-controlled power supply department is now promoting a promotional policy to purchase Asterion series AC and DC products in the fourth quarter of 2019 for a five-year free warranty.

For more information on Asterion's range of AC and DC power products or other AMETEK programmable power supplies and loads, please contact AMETEK or visit AMETEK's official website.

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