Alps Electric is developing a capacitive pressure sensor that detects absolute pressure

Alps Electric Co., Ltd. has completed the development of a capacitive pressure sensor (HSPC series) for detecting absolute pressure. Such sensors can be used to detect, for example, tire pressure, air pressure, and blood pressure.

HSPC series sensors detect air pressure, blood pressure and other pressures through changes in capacitance. When the pressure changes cause the film on the movable electrode called the "vibration film" to bend, and the capacitance between the fixed electrodes is changed, the pressure number can be converted into an electric signal, thereby detecting the magnitude of the pressure.

Capacitive pressure sensors are characterized by high sensitivity and low current consumption. The use of this product's pressure detection system can reduce the current current consumption to a very low micro-ampere level, driving the development of low-current products.

In addition, using years of developed thin film processing technology, high precision processing technology and packaging technology, Alps Electric has produced the industry's smallest (4.8 mm long x 4.8 mm wide x 1.8 mm high) thin-wall capacitive pressure sensor.

The product's effect on temperature is minimized when measuring pressure, thanks to the ceramic packaging technology resisting temperature changes, so the operating temperature range is relatively large. Pressure detection can be more accurate even in extremely unstable temperature changes in a motor vehicle environment.

Main application areas

Can be used in TPMS (tire pressure detection systems), blood and air pressure testing and other pressure monitors